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Unlimited Job Postings

Friday // May 8, 2015

We can't simplify everything in your life, but we sure can help you find crew to hire!

Imagine being able to quickly find crew for a gig – whether you need them for a few days or a few months. TourReady allows YOU to be in control and find available and qualified crew at your convenience and on your terms. TourReady lets you create unlimited job postings, alleviating some of the stress that comes from working in the live event industry!

Thousands of crew members have already signed up during the TourReady beta and are available for you to hire. Here's how:

Sign Up. Visit to get started setting up an account.

Tell Us Who You Are. We need you to fill out a verification form listing two past events and references where you hired crew for a concert, tour, or festival. Some may think this step is a hassle, and we completely understand. But we do this to ensure that only legitimate professionals can see the private information of crew listed on TourReady. That’s why during TourReady’s initial development, profile security was a definite must have.

Set Up Your Account. After filling out the Hire Verification form, we’ll send you an email notifying you of your approval status. Once approved, you can login and create your basic profile in a minute or less. 

Start Creating Job Postings. You can select what type of crew you are looking for, event dates, the type of skills and equipment experience candidates must have, pay and other details, and set when you want your post to expire.

If you need help navigating through the site the first time around, we’re here to help. Just email [email protected] and a TourReady representative will be happy to answer your questions.

TourReady is completely FREE during beta. After the beta period ends, hiring account users will have an additional 60 day free trial. If you decide to subscribe after that, an annual subscription is $99. 

Happy posting!