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Thursday // May 14, 2015

When is TourReady going to end its beta, and what cool new features can we expect? We're ready to round up all of the TourReady release rumors and bring you everything there is to know about TourReady so far.

The Beta

TourReady is adding cool new features during the public beta, such as a better calendar and a faster way to post jobs. Although this process takes time,  it should only last a few more weeks. If you have any ideas on how to improve TR's current feature set, we want to hear about it! Visit and drop us a line. Who knows, your suggestion could simplify your professional life!

iOS App

Start the countdown! Work on the iOS app is almost done and it will be available in the App Store soon. TourReady 'Get Hired' members will be able to login via the app and use all of the same features that are available on the web. Future updates will allow hiring personnel to search for crew and post jobs from the app. In the meantime, check out the mobile version of our site from any phone or tablet.

Getting Found vs. Finding Jobs

Countless hiring professionals are currently using the TourReady filter to search for crew, which we're finding is easier for them than posting jobs. Be sure to keep your profile, video resume, and calendar up to date! The more accurate your profile and availability, the better chances you have of getting found and hired. 

For more feature updates, visit the TourReady blog or follow us on any of our social media accounts. There's plenty more to come so stay tuned!