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Monday // May 4, 2015

TourReady is live, and we couldn't be more excited! After a year of extensive industry research and development, you can officially become a part of the Touring Revolution. 

Until now, concert professionals have been asking themselves the age old question of what's next?  Unless you've been blessed with an ongoing tour for the last decade, the majority of touring professionals jump from one tour to the next, without guarantee of their next gig. And that's where we can help. 

People ask us all the time what sets us apart from from other jobs websites, listings, and email lists, and we'll be straight up without the BS. Compared to our so-called competitors, TourReady's cutting-edge technology uses industry specific tools, personalized availability calendars, verifications, video resumes, and a mobile app (coming soon) - all features that are lacking from the alternatives. TourReady's simple and focused approach makes us the BEST platform to connect, find, and be found in the concert touring industry. 


Essentially, the database is broken down into two separate portals - one to hire, and one to get hired. Users can "browse crew" or "browse jobs" by filling out the appropriate fields in the filter such as availability (calendar), experience, skills, equipment, software, pay scale, location, languages, education, certifications, and star ratings. The database then generates instant results that match exactly what the user requested. Some additional features include a secure network, being able to flag interest to active job postings, optional experience verifications, user-to-user messaging, tour management tools, and saved searches. 

Where else can you find crew professionals that have legitimate work experience, narrow your options through a filtering process, are available when you need them, and watch video resumes of potential candidates all on a single platform? Nowhere but here. 


Despite TourReady being in the final stages of beta, we're ready for an expanded audience to use it. Since TourReady is completely free during beta, be sure to take full advantage and invite all of your compadres. Once the beta period is over, the 30 Day Free Trial will become active. The Basic Plan to Get Hired is $29/mo and the upgraded Rockstar Plan is $59/mo when it is time to subscribe. For users that are using the service to Hire, a one time $99 fee (launch promotion) is required to hire after the free trial period. 

Some of the most respected and knowledgeable professionals in the industry have contributed to TourReady's conception, and are making it their new standard to find work or crew for concerts, tours, and festivals around the world. Don't get left behind! Join now and get on the road.