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Thursday // July 16, 2015

After only 10 weeks of being in beta, the concert touring industry has welcomed us with open arms. But as with any new product, there are those who think “oh, it’s just like that other site” or who misunderstand what we do or how we do it.

So to set the record straight, below are the three biggest misconceptions about TourReady that need to be put to rest. 

Misconception #1: TourReady is just like using an employment agency

 TourReady doesn’t recruit or reject crew like an employment agency. Any concert touring professional can use TourReady to find work and anyone with touring jobs can use it to find crew.  We don’t charge a commission or additional fees after you’ve been hired. The hard earned money from your gig goes where it should be – directly into your pocket.

When you search for a hotel online you filter your specifications based on travel date, availability, price range, location, and amenities. Then BOOM – you have a list of hotels that exactly match your needs. The idea behind TourReady is the same. You are able to search for jobs or crew based on availability, experience, skills, and more. Then simply look through your results and decide which option matches exactly what you need.

Show me an employment agency that does all that. Oh wait, there isn’t one.

 Misconception #2: I’m an A-List touring guy and I don’t need TourReady to help me find work

Hundreds of elite industry personnel and corporate employers are already signed up on TourReady and searching for A-List touring crew. By being a member of TourReady, you’re visible to these top industry professionals that are actively searching for crew.

Even A-List touring professionals may not know where their next gig is coming from, or may want to get some work during down time. TourReady’s unique availability calendars allow you to find gigs that fit into your busy schedule. Simply flag your interest to a job and the employer will do the rest.

You can also use TourReady to keep your options open for future gigs. By signing up for an account to find work, you are notified of jobs that match your profile. Who knows, you might just come across a job opportunity that outweighs the benefits of another gig that you have penciled in.

 Misconception #3: I don’t need TourReady to hire - I can get in touch with everyone I need directly from my phone or email

 What happens when your go-to crew are all booked - how do you find crew that fit your requirements? Calling your friends, looking through industry lists, or sifting through emailed resumes just isn’t efficient. With TourReady you can quickly and easily search for and hire crew based on your specifications – something that will take you much longer with phone calls or emails.

Out of sight, out of mind. Many concert touring professionals have been in the game for decades, but it’s hard to remember all of your crew favorites off the top of your head. Over 4,000 crew members have already signed up for TourReady, and chances are you’ll most likely come across many crew professionals that you know or have worked with, but have fallen off your radar.

Because tours travel around the world, finding local crew with legitimate experience in a different city or country can be difficult. With TourReady’s industry specific search and location filters, you can find crew exactly where and when you need them, saving time and travel expenses.

Sometimes your industry connections just don’t cut it when you need crew with a specific set of skills. Expand your network by finding crew on TourReady. Once you’ve worked together, you can throw them on your speed dial for future gigs. 

Did we mention that TourReady hiring accounts are free for the rest of 2015? What do you have to lose?