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PRESS RELEASE: Our Industry's NEW Vendor Directory


September 6, 2017, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Today TourReady, Inc. announced the launch of their new Vendor Directory. TourReady’s directory allows all registered users to search through various categories of production vendors across the United States for free.

“We are very pleased to provide this new feature that enables our users to access a single platform for production planning. There has been an overwhelming demand in the entertainment landscape for a one-stop-shop, and we’ve responded by introducing a comprehensive vendor directory to our existing database,” said Joey Gallagher, founder of TourReady. “Whether it’s searching for available freelancers, open job opportunities, or vendors for concerts, tours, festivals, and events, we continue to strive to give our users the best possible experience with the most amount of benefit.”

TourReady’s directory was designed as a simple, easy to use digital listing. Details provided for each company may vary and include business name, address, telephone number, location, contact information, type of service, and any additional information that may be relevant to a company.

The vendor directory is available now and can be accessible at


TourReady is dedicated to simplifying crew management for concerts, tours, festivals, and events around the world by seamlessly connecting over employers to freelance crew online. TourReady’s simple and focused approach makes it the best platform to connect, find, and be found in the live event industry.