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Friday//January 22, 2016

So you’re finally going to Coachella this year? Welcome to the not-so-exclusive club! Now comes the hard part – planning your trip. You’ll have to figure out where to stay, what to pack, how to get there, and who to see.  That’s why we put together this little cheat sheet to make the most out of your Coachella experience. You’re welcome!


If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, you’ll have to look at creative ways to get ahold of one. The general admission passes for Coachella 2016 sold out within an hour of being on sale to the public. But don’t worry! There are still other ways.

Head to and look through various packages. Tickets are still available but you'll have to purchase them along with packages. Purchasing a Safari Tent gives you access to the VIP areas in the festival, starting at $7,000. Or you can get a travel package with a hotel to gain access to certain festival pool parties.

Passes usually go up for resale around mid-January. Try you luck on Craigslist, StubHub, and Ebay. Beware of scammers!


On-Site Camping

Camping is definitely the first and easiest option for Coachella. Arguably, it’s an experience that everyone should have at least once. Imagine your college days – everyone living together, partying in the dorms, and then rolling out of bed the next day to do it all over again.

Unfortunately, the car camping and normal tent camping for 2016 are ALREADY sold out. Fortunately, you can still go all-out and ball out on a safari tent. Check out the remaining campsite options here.

There are also recommended off-site camping options here.


Need access to a bed, private bathroom, and a shower everyday? A hotel is definitely a better option for you. If you haven’t booked a hotel yet, DO IT NOW. Prices are only going to skyrocket, if they aren’t already sold out.

Coachella offers some travel and hotel packages here. Otherwise, simply checkout and hope for the best.


It’s always better to be over-prepared than under. So grab a small backpack and fill it with the following essentials.

- Water: Bring an empty water bottle (no metal), and you’ll be able to refill all weekend. Remember, you have to hydrate to feel great!

-Cash: Most transactions will require cash. Don’t get stuck waiting in a long line for an ATM and paying outrageous transaction fees.

-Sunscreen: Because you’re in the desert.

-Phone Charger: Bring a portable charger! No one wants to get separated from friends without a way to connect. Not to mention missing an opportunity to Snapchat a celebrity or artist encounter.  

-Towel: Can be used to sit on, nap on, or as a blanket.

-Earplugs: You’ll thank us when your ears start ringing.

-Band Aids: You never know!

-Chapstick: Because you’re in the desert.


Grab a festival guide as soon as you’re in the gate to make your game plan for the day. Designate a meeting place incase you’re with a group and get separated (especially if you didn’t bring that portable phone charger for your phone!). Make sure to plan time for walking between stages, eating, and bathroom breaks.

Don’t be afraid to break the plan! Coachella is all about discovering new sets and going with the festival flow.


This year’s lineup features something for everyone. LCD Soundsystem will be reuniting on Friday. Guns N’ Roses will be rocking out on Saturday. And Calvin Harris will be closing out the festival Sunday on the main stage.

There are even rumors that Ice Cube is planning on reuniting with NWA during his performance!

Check out the full Coachella lineup here. We hope this helps make your Coachella experience one you’ll never forget.