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Tuesday // September 1, 2015

Did you tune in to witness the bizarre moments of MTV’s 32nd Annual Video Music Awards? If not, we highly suggest that you stream this year’s show soon.

The 2015 VMA’s weren’t all about Moonman trophies and drab acceptance speeches. It was chock full of jaw dropping moments that can only be explained as outrageous and slightly disturbing. From Miley Cyrus’s scandalous outfit lineup, to Justin Bieber crying, to Kanye running for President – the VMA’s were an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end (quite literally for the Biebs).

Not long after Miley’s colorful closing performance, the Internet blew up with recaps, clever memes, and conspiracies - why was Justin Bieber crying? Is Yeezus 2020 for real? If you’re looking for those recaps from the night, a simple Google search will point you in the right direction. This recap is dedicated to the crew who work silently behind the scenes, and are forced to witness dramatic celebrity shenanigans without being able to escape the crazy. 


Justin Bieber made his first live TV performance in two and a half years, a comeback that will forever be known as his “cry-back”. The Bieb’s fly over finale ended in dramatic sobs while Miley awkwardly tried to figure out if she should continue hosting. We can just picture the stage crew standing by, annoyed at having to wait to unhook Bieber, and muttering “He better not blame it on the harness…”

Newcomer Pop Princess, Tori Kelly, blew us all away with her amazing vocals and left everyone asking, “Who the hell was that!?” after her performance. But we want to give a shout out to the whoever caught her guitar as she FLUNG it off stage. Seriously – did she even look? Props to whoever you are for not getting whacked in the face.

The Weeknd owned the stage with his performance of “Can’t Feel My Face” with his sweet sideways moonwalk in a ring of fire. His moves even got stoic Kanye West out of his seat to dance. As cool as pyro effects are, we’re pretty sure that technicians were standing by with fire extinguishers in hand just waiting for Abel’s hair to catch fire.

The night wouldn’t be complete without some Miley overexposure. While changing into yet another outrageous outfit, not only did the cameras catch a nip slip, but the stage and wardrobe crew also caught a peak behind the scenes. You can see them giggling awkwardly in the background as they turn around in embarrassment. Somehow this wardrobe malfunction seems tamer than how Miley looked with actual clothes on during the show.

If you worked during the MTV VMA's and experienced any of the above craziness we'd love to hear about it! Tweet, tag, or share your stories with us.