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Monday // November 23, 2015

Did you tune in to witness this year’s American Music Awards? If not, we suggest you stream it ASAP.

The 2015 AMAs set out to break the Internet with vine-worthy clips, surprise performances, and unexpected presenters (Harrison Ford??). With its all-star lineup, the festivities on Sunday night kept fans on their toes - from JLo’s music mashup opener to the Bieb’s rainshower to Meghan Trainor’s awkard makeout sesh.

But the AMAs wouldn't have been possible without all the hard working crew working silently behind the scenes. This recap goes out to all of you!


Before the AMAs even had a chance to begin, a water tank truck was turned away and caused rehearsals to run behind. Luckily, this gave crew a chance to take a break and have a laugh outside of Bieber’s trailer in the calm before the storm.

Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth let their soulful vocals take the spotlight during their duet of “Marvin Gaye”. The best part? The two wrapped their duet with a long, intense, awkward makeout session. We could barely see the stage crew standing just off stage, waiting for the awkwardness to finish so they could get on with their jobs and change the sets on stage.

The Weeknd set the AMA stage aflame with yet another fiery performance, only slightly dampened by the fact that we just saw him dance in a ring of fire at the VMAs this year. Though the pyrotechnics and his dance moves weren’t new, we wonder if the flames were too mesmerizing for the crew running the censor delay. We definitely heard some F-bombs slip through!

Coldplay returned to the AMA stage for the first time in 7 years, and we have to give props to their lighting designers for the trippy neon psychedelic show during their performance of “Adventures of a Lifetime”. The band was backed by colorful, swirling graphics and even LED balloons. The designers definitely brought to life lead singer Chris Martin’s new “hippie” nature depicted in their new album.

Justin Bieber closed out the AMA stage with his three top songs from his new album Purpose and brought out the waterworks – not the same waterworks as him crying during the VMAs.  There was actual rain pouring over the Biebs and his backup dancers during his performance of “Sorry”. Though the sudden downpour definitely stole the show, did you notice that he flung his microphone across the stage? RIP to another top-of-line microphone that gets dented in the name of performance

If you worked during the 2015 American Music Awards’s and experienced any craziness not seen on TV, we’d love to hear about it! Tweet, tag, or share your stories with us.