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"Infinity Mirrored Room - The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away", 2013.  (Source:   The Broad   )     

"Infinity Mirrored Room - The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away", 2013. (Source: The Broad)




For those who have only experienced Yoyoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room - The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away” exhibit on Instagram, do not fret. The Broad Museum in Los Angeles is holding the show once again this upcoming October through January 2018. Even better, Kusama is exhibiting six additional infinity mirrored rooms, LAist reported back in August.

We know what you’re thinking, “but tickets sold out two weeks ago." 

On Monday, the museum announced an added 40,000 tickets for the special exhibition will go on sale on Monday October 2 at 12 p.m. for $25 each.

It is important to note that the ticket sale process is different this time around. At 11 a.m., The Broad will hold an online waiting room on its website. Come 12 p.m., the museum will inform you whether or not you have received access to buy tickets.

In other words, the museum will select a lucky 40,000 people at random. If you become not-so-lucky, 50,000 standby tickets will be available throughout the exhibition’s duration, at $30 a pop.   

Access the waiting room by visiting

For first-timers, here is some information you may need to know prior to attending:

  • The museum only allows visitors 30 seconds for each of the six rooms, so snap your photos quickly.
  • Outside of the Infinity Mirrors, Kusama’s other works of art, dating back to 1965, is available for viewing as long as you please
  • During the exhibit’s two-month run, the hours are as follows:
    • Tues/Wed: 5-7 p.m.
    • Thurs/Fri: 10-11 a.m.; 8-9 p.m.
    • Sat: 9-10 a.m.; 8-10 p.m.
    • Sun: 9-10 a.m.; 6-8 p.m.

Kusama, an 88-year old Japanese artist, is known for bringing us into her iconic kaleidoscopic spaces, or better stated, Kusama’s world.

Her 2013 exhibit, “Infinity Mirrored Room -- The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away”, features dozens of hanging LED lights from the ceiling and is covered in mirrors. Kusama used various media, including wood, metal, glass mirrors, plastic, acrylic panel, rubber, LED lighting system, acrylic balls and water.   

About Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama was born in 1929 at Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture, Chubu, Japan. According to The Broad, Kusama was diagnosed with a mental illness which caused her to experience hallucinations. These hallucinations caused distortion with colors and shapes in her vision of the world. Her work is viewed as someplace between representation and abstraction. For Kusama, her work is merely representation, but for others, clearly abstraction.

The Broad notes her 33 ft. long by 10 ft. high abstract painting at the Stephen Radich Gallery in New York in 1961. At this time, artists expression works on large-scale canvases , and Kusama’s painting was significant because of the tiny brush strokes that created it.

Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room -- The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away 2013, creates a multitude of lights that reflect and visually expand the entire room. This sense of infinity represents Kusama’s view of the world since her early years of age. Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrored Room” was so successful and widely popular, even Adele used it as her music video backdrop for “When We Were Young”.  

According to the LA Times, the new exhibition with the six additional rooms titled, “Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors”, displays a 70-year old portfolio of Kusama’s work.   



While many appreciate the masterminds behind a full-blown light show illuminating an entire stadium, working with a small space nonetheless calls for imagination. Take a look at two lighting companies featured on Live Design Online and ET Now Online respectively that applied Elation Professional lighting products flawlessly.

1. Tirso Lighting Recreates New York City's Arka Lounge


For 16 years, the Arka Lounge was positioned among the top hottest nightlife destinations in Manhattan. According to ET Now Online, Tirso Lighting redesigned and redefined the Arka Lounge into the Arka Room last December, in hopes to form a new identity while keeping strong connections with Arka Lounge regulars. Tirso Pelaez, owner of Tirso Lighting, aimed to create the venue with a capacity of 200 seem bigger without losing its intimate vibe.

Pelaez used Elation as a solution for the Arka Room’s requirements. He positioned the 12 Elation E Spot III LED moving heads over the dance floor to create a compact moving light effect. The bright, 90W fixture contains white LED, dichroic colors and rotating-interchangeable gobos to match the small room size.

According to Pelaez, the hybrid moving heads work for the venue in two ways. One, it allows him to switch from a broad wash to a narrow pinpoint, creating versatility in such a small environment. Two, the moving heads are LED, eliminating the $165 charge for each bulb replacement.

Pelaez lined the venue perimeter with Elation’s Sniper 2R multi-effect lights, featuring a hybrid beam, scanner and laser simulator. His purpose was to cast a quick-moving light that completely covers attendees. Palaez was pleased with the Sniper’s versatility, speed, and impressive ability to add visual effects during live performances.

In order to highlight performers on stage, Pelaez placed a compact ACL 360i LED lights with a 4 degree beam and 360 degree rotation in the back of the stage. Pelaez also used a SixPar 200 LED Par lights as a static stage wash, to light the stage from both an upstage and downstage position.

To combat with the 12-foot tall ceilings, Pelaez utilized black reflective panels to enhance both the space and the lighting, doubling both. Last but not least, the room features LED video panels.

2. Adam Labay & Taran Allen Transform Detroit’s El Club


Before El Club became one of the hottest nighttime venues in Detroit, the club was simply built as a banquet hall almost 68 years ago. According to Live Design Online, El Club owner Graeme Flegenheimer renovated the space inside out, and installed a brand-new lighting and sound system. The underground venue with a capacity of 300 features a wide variety of acts which colludes with Flegenheimer’s diverse taste in music.

Adam Labay of Future Weapons Laser & Lighting Design and Taran Allen stepped up to the challenge of executing a lighting design to match the club’s diversity. Since its founding in 2016, El Club houses a Elation Professional Lighting rig, highly exceeding Flegenheimer’s expectations.

Labay describes the system’s lighting effects as a one-of-a-kind, very unique aesthetic. El Club’s Elation lighting rig runs from a HedgeHog 4s lighting console. Its elements include:

  • 12 ACL 360 Bar LED moving bar effects
  • 12 compact ACL 360i beam effects
  • 8 Elar Ex Quad Par HP LED lights
  • 6 Sniper 2R effect lights
  • 6 Colour Pendant LED color-changing downlights
  • 8 Protron 3K LED strobes

In addition to the lighting rig, Antari HZ-350 hazer and Antari Z-500 II fog machine creates mid-air projection canopy and fog effects.

After applying the new system to El Club’s first show, both Flegenheimer and artists were overjoyed with both the quality and versatility. He loved the idea of bands leaving their own lighting behind or even plugging it in the system.  

Labay and Allen customized the Elation lighting rig to adapt to the vibes of each and every band, regardless of diversity levels. For example, the system can produce a goth vibe, a strobe-light dance party, or a rock-n-roll environment.

Along with versatality, Flegenheimer describes the energy and symbiotic nature the lighting system enhances between the audience and the artist.


Elation Professional has award winning, innovative products among the top brands in the industry. Since 1942, Elation has assisted designers and producers achieve their vision. Elation is a privately held corporation, headquartered in Los Angeles and sells to European countries. Elation offers stage lighting designed for the following markets: Theatrical and concert stage, production, studio/broadcast, House of Worship, corporate AV, exhibitions, night club / leisure, theme parks and cruise ships. Elation aims to provide technology solutions which perform to the riggers of the lighting and video industry. 

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